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Living Vivariums for your classroom

Expand your lesson plan with hands on learning from a Living Vivarium. The untamed landscape of nature is something that children to adults enjoy looking at and learning about.

What better way to learn about a natural ecosystem then to have a real one in the classroom? Bama Reptiles is proud to make this a reality by offering it's School Vivarium Service for schools and other places of learning.

Living Vivariums in your classroom, bearded dragons

The School Vivarium Service starts by choosing a Standard or Premium Vivarium. We will then come and personally install your chosen Vivarium, provide you with educational posters about the Vivarium and give a short presentation to your class about the basics of a Living Vivarium ecosystem (optional).

A Living Vivarium in the classroom is an innovative way for children to learn about natural ecosystems and the plants and animals that inhabit them. But even if your not a Science teacher, having a Living Vivarium in the classroom helps to create the calm, tranquil environment every teacher tries to achieve.

If you are interested in our School Vivarium Service and possible discounts on rentals, then Contact Us now!