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Living Vivariums for your home!

Add a piece of living art to your home by having us install a beautiful Living Vivarium. Nothing will be more unique then having a living mini ecosystem in your home. Allow yourself to escape to your favorite natural environment when you have a Living Vivarium in your home.

Your children can learn first hand about the various plants and animals that inhabit your Living Vivarium and they can learn valuable life skills by sharing the responsibility of caring for a Living Vivarium.

Crested Gecko in a Living Vivarium

You have the option of purchasing a Living Vivarium to keep or renting one out in 6 month intervals. If you decide to purchase, you have an option of adding an invaluable maintenance program. If you choose to rent, your entire setup, including animals, will be installed for you.

Don't see a model that is the right fit for your home? Contact us about building a custom enclosure in your home. Our Living Vivarium experts will create the perfect enclosure for you and your home.