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Standard Living Vivariums

  • Glass enclosures with sliding screen top
  • A low cost option to display a beautiful Living Vivarium
  • Available in Tropical and Desert environments
  • Add plants, wood, waterfalls and other features to your Standard Living Vivarium
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Tropical and Desert Living Vivariums

Tropical Standard Living Vivarium Includes:

Desert Standard Living Vivarium Includes:

Glass enclosure with sliding screen top
Glass enclosure with sliding screen top
Naturalistic background
Naturalistic rock background
Plant holes in background
Caves & planting areas built into the background
Add plants, wood and lighting with the custom options below!
Add plants, wood and lighting with the custom options below!


Size / Model


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Custom Options

*We do not sell these options separately; they must be purchased with an enclosure. Be sure to add the corresponding size.



Bama Vivarium Tropical Waterfall

Tropical Waterfall

Nothing is more soothing then the sound of rushing water! A waterfall can add so much to an already beautiful Living Vivarium. Ideal for high-humidity or water loving animals such as frogs, salamanders, newts, turtles, tropical geckos and much more.




Tropical and Desert Plants for Living Vivariums


Add vibrant living plants to your Living Vivarium. Live plants add the depth and extra color that make Living Vivariums so beautiful.



Desert Wood


Add natural wood to your Living Vivarium. Our rough, natural looking wood gives another dimension and provides great contrast to the live plants.



Bama Vivarium Tropical Plants

Extra Desert Cliffs

Adds about 50% more caves. Adding extra caves will increase the surface area of your Living Vivarium and provide more hiding & basking area.



Bama Vivarium Tropical Plants

Fluorescent Lights

Proper illumination is key to the health & appearance of your Living Vivarium. We have used these setups on all our Living Vivariums for years. NOTE: These lights do not provide heat or large amounts of UV rays.





We currently do not ship Living Vivariums.

Local pick up is always available if you live within driving distance of San Diego, CA

We can also deliver if you are within driving distance of San Diego, CA.

If you would really like a Living Vivarium and you are outside of driving distance, contact us and we may be able to work something out.



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