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Desert Living Vivarium Habitats

Desert Living Vivariums

A Desert Living Vivarium is a fantastic reproduction of a desert habitat. Complete with a rugged rocky and sandy look, a Desert Living Vivarium is the perfect choice for your home, office or classroom.

Much like salt and fresh water aquariums, Desert Vivariums can ease stress, lower blood pressure and even reduce anxiety. These physiological benefits also extend to the inhabitants - the small reptile and amphibian species that are housed in Desert Living Vivariums display more active and natural behavior then their other captive cousins because of their naturalistic home.

How do I keep my Desert Living Vivarium alive?

Desert Living Vivariums

With the way we design our enclosures, it is probably harder to kill a Desert Living Vivarium then it is to keep it alive. Just as the Tropical versions are, the Desert versions are also nearly self containing. It is a very hardy environment and when equipped with lighting with a timer, daily maintenance really isn't needed.

The only variable is what type of animals you decide to keep in your Living Vivarium. You will want to make notes of how often to feed and water your pets and if they deposit large feces it is a good idea to spot clean once a week.

If you want your enclosure to be truly stress free, Bama Reptiles offers full maintenance and service programs with the purchase of a Desert Living Vivarium. You can also rent / lease a Desert Living Vivarium and those come with full maintenance and service. Click here for more information.

What is it made of?

Desert Living Vivariums materials

All standard and premium Desert Vivariums are built in your standard reptile/amphibian glass enclosures. Standard Living Vivariums are built in common sliding screen glass enclosures, similar to the common aquarium enclosure. Premium Living Vivariums are built in Zoo Med or Exo-Terra naturalistic enclosures that are designed to house Living Vivariums.

The naturalistic background is made from a styrofoam core to keep it lightweight and a concrete/grout mix applied on top. All materials we use are safe for both human and inhabitants. We have kept numerous species of reptiles in the same enclosures for years.

Caves and Cliffs

Desert Living Vivariums - Caves and Cliffs

Every Desert Living Vivarium comes with naturalistic caves and cliffs built right into the background. These decorations not only look great, but they serve as hiding places for the inhabitants and the cliffs create more surface area to explore. Our caves are built so that the inhabitants can feel hidden and secure but can still be seen and enjoyed from the outside.

Convenient Watering / Feeding

Watering and Feeding Dish for Desert Living Vivariums

Each Desert Living Vivarium also comes with a hand made water and feed dish. It is made from the same material as the caves and background so it matches perfectly with the environment. They are fitted to small plastic cups that can be easily removed and replaced without disturbing the habitat.

Desert Plants

Desert Plants for Desert Living Vivariums

Our desert plant selection is partly based on what is available at the local nurseries and what we are propagating in our own nursery. Some of the most common plants we use include: soft thorn cacti, various succulents and grasses.

Desert Wood

Desert Wood for Desert Living Vivariums

We collect our wood from private pristine environments including woodlands, deserts and shrubbery areas. We make sure the land we collect from is free from pesticides and other harmful things. We NEVER use any pine or cedar products due to the toxic oils in the bark.



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