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Key Points in Classroom Lease Agreement


  • The Bama Reptiles Classroom Lease program includes:

A Premium Living Vivarium enclosure with all necessary equipment to create a mini-ecosystem OR Standard Living Vivarium with plants, wood, naturalistic background, substrate and lighting. Custom options are available.
A choice or combination between Green Anoles, House Geckos and Green Tree Frogs as living inhabitants. Combinations are available in only the larger size enclosure.
Partial maintenance for the duration of the lease agreement. This includes replacing plants/inhabitants and fixing structures.
  • Client will be responsible for watering and feeding Living Vivarium. You will be provided the necessary tools and training to properly feed and water.
  • Minimum lease agreement will be 1 year.
  • 1st and last months rent will be due upon completion of installation of Living Vivarium.
  • No penalty for canceling lease agreement after 6 months.
  • Client agrees to keep Living Vivarium in a safe and secure location, to be approved by Bama Reptiles.

For full lease terms and agreements, please contact us.



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